Secure Travel

Welcome to 1st Travel Agents International Secure Travel Division. We are proud to work in partnership with the leading Worldwide International Security Company to provide specialized security solutions for your Executives or Family members. Give us a call or Send us an email to Experience the Difference! Since 1997, multinational corporations, governments and at-risk individuals have called on our partner for specialized security solutions. They have provided security services for 45 of the U.S. Fortune 100 companies as well as industry-leading multinational companies from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe; plus supported projects in over 116 countries, many in high-threat regions of the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe.

The core security business is designed to support your worldwide operations. We help identify risks associated with your company, its personnel and travel program; advise you of these risks; and make recommendations to safeguard your critical corporate assets.

We can provide executive protection; secure ground transportation and aircraft security; and specialized physical security services.

We are affiliated with a U.S.-owned professional security services firm with a global reach; they have offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, New York, Los Angeles, Arizona, Virginia, Brazil, London, Mexico, the Philippines. With correspondents throughout the world, we are ready to assist you with unparalleled professionalism.

The skilled staff draws upon years of experience gained through extensive service in governmental agencies, military special operations, and corporate security departments; and provides our clients with exceptional global security solutions and capabilities.

Trust a team with the proven experience, tactical knowledge and skilled expertise to support you in many of today’s most critical areas.

  • Executive Protection – Our experienced staff is committed to providing the highest level of professional and confidential service to assure a principal is protected from any intentional/unintentional threats or embarrassing situations.
  • Advance Survey – By conducting proper surveys, risks can be identified and mitigated and time management strategies can be implemented.
  • Secure Ground Transportation – Our security drivers are properly trained to provide a low-profile service of getting their passengers to all venues in a safe and timely manner.
  • Aircraft Security – All international projects are overseen by a regional manager who is familiar with security conditions and regulations at their respective airport.
  • Travel Brief – Our up-to-date country overview and risk assessment is prepared individually and specifically for you.
  • Airport Assessment – The information provided in these reports is from consistent intelligence and liaison networks within the airport destination country.
  • City Assessment – They provide executive travelers with critical incident briefings in cities impacted by threatening situations, as well as cities within pleasant countries for safety and security.
  • Hotel Assessment – Hotel risk surveys are an integral part of pre-flight preparations and identify risks based on the country and city threats, along with any specific threats associated with the hotel.
  • Tamper Tape – Any attempt of entry will be made known instantaneously by revealing a highly visible “OPEN / VOID“ message.
  • Security Training Programs – Our training programs emphasize a proactive approach to security. Whether it involves aircraft or facility protection, individual security awareness, or protective detail training, these programs are designed to anticipate, avoid, transfer, or eliminate any threats.
  • Hostile Surveillance Detection and Intervention – Hostile Surveillance Detection and Intervention is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of facility and executive protection.
  • Investigative Services – Drawing upon experience gained through a combined total of more than 100 years of service in governmental agencies and law enforcement, military special operations, and corporate security departments, our skilled staff provides exceptional capabilities for our clients in every area of investigative services locally, nationally, and on a global scale.


Secure Transportation

  • We offer professional security drivers that are properly trained to provide a low profile service of getting their passengers to all venues in a safe and timely manner. Secure ground transportation is a critical part of a secure travel program and should not be overlooked. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death and serious bodily injury throughout the world.

A properly selected driver has several benefits:

  • Understand how to drive safely and avoid accidents
    Reduce liability with proper security and defensive driving training
  • Make you a harder target for attack (car-jacking, kidnapping or robbery)
  • Cost equal or less than a limousine company and maintain confidentiality.
  • Lower profile vehicle and driver
  • We also offer armored vehicles in high-risk areas for corporations, and at-risk individuals in unstable countries.

Executive / Crew Transportation

  • Providing international and domestic ground transportation for over 13 years. Our worldwide experience allows our clients an affordable, efficient way to travel. 24/7 operations and call center allows us to provide our clients safe, dependable, and courteous service.
  • We provide customized transportation, daily, weekly as well as scheduled airport transfers. We monitor all arrival flights, meet and greet at gate are available upon request in most locations, and will provide extra personnel to meet and coordinate large group arrivals for business conferences.

Attention to detail and our ability to assist you with unparalleled professionalism is what makes us stand out from the competition!

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